The Blue Whale Retro Travel 

The Blue Whale

A favorite stop along Route 66 is the Blue Whale. Folk art stops like this make Route 66 fun to travel – but you have to wonder why it’s there? Built in 1972 as an anniversary gift, the Blue Whale quickly evolved into a local summer hot spot and family travel destination. Almost immediately the whale began attracting people who wanted to fling themselves off his tail, slide down his water-coated fins and poke their heads out the holes in the whale’s head. Travelers stopped by to picnic, swim, or…

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Help save a hip Wisconsin Motel Preservation 

Help save a hip Wisconsin Motel

We love preservation efforts here at Mid Century Style Magazine and Motels are our secret passion – ok, maybe not so secret! 🙂 Christi and Mike are trying to save a fabulous atomic Motel in the Bayfield/Ashland area of Wisconsin and if you help them out you can get room credit for a great spot on Lake Superior when the motel opens! Christi is a former restaurant server and currently a vintage reseller in a shop in Stillwater, MN and on Etsy and Mike is a retired elementary school teacher who also worked…

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Lighting of the green at the Boots Motel! Architecture Preservation 

Lighting of the green at the Boots Motel!

We’ve been watching the restoration of the Boots Court Motel in Joplin, Missouri for years, from the “Save the Boots Motel campaign”,  until they reopened in 2012 and we got to visit and check it out in June 2011. This latest, and possibly the last piece of the  renovation not only highlights what a great job they’re doing for preservation of the motel, but for renovation all along Route 66! “Bringing back the neon” was not invented in the movie “Cars” but it’s an important step to bringing back the…

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Motel Monday – Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington DC Retro Travel 

Motel Monday – Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington DC

The Capitol Skyline Hotel is a hotel located near the United States Capitol in Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. Designed by Morris Lapidus, the hotel opened in November 1962 as the Skyline Inn. Morris Lapidus, an architect, primarily known for his Neo-baroque “Miami Modern” hotels constructed in the 1950s and 60s. A Russian immigrant, living in New York, he designed over 1000 buildings during a career spanning more than 50 years. In 2002, the Rubell family (of Studio 54 fame) bought the hotel and did some major renovations to the hotel,…

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Catch the sites on Route 66 – Pops, Arcadia OK Retro Travel 

Catch the sites on Route 66 – Pops, Arcadia OK

We love driving Route 66 and each time we find new sites and fun finds and our favorite on the last trip was Pops in Arcadia Oklahoma. Not only is it a fabulous piece of retro architecture, it’s also a really really fun place to visit! We went at night: A video posted by Mid-century Style Magazine (@midcenturystylemagazine) on Dec 27, 2015 at 7:23pm PST And loved it so much we went back the next day:   Opened in 2007, the restaurant’s structure incorporates a cantilevered truss extending 100 feet…

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How to decorate for Christmas Retro Style Lifestyle 

How to decorate for Christmas Retro Style

We had a tour around our followers and followees on Pinterest yesterday and found some fabulous and wonderful approaches to decorating for the holidays in Retro Style. Typical of our Mid-Century Friends, some did it kitchy style, while some took a more minimalist approach, but all of these did a wonderful job of doing up their homes for the holidays! See more on our Christmas Pinterest board    

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Travel Route 66  – a handy companion for a trip down the “Mother Road” Retro Travel 

Travel Route 66 – a handy companion for a trip down the “Mother Road”

Having used this book twice now on different trips along Route 66, I feel very slack in not writing a glowing review! Travel Route 66: a guide to the history, sights, and destinations along the main street of America is like having Jim Hinkley, the author, right in the car with you helping you decide where to turn off or what sites are the most important. Starting from Illinois and traveling with you along Route 66 to California, the book points out historic sites, fun stops, and fills you in…

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Halloween in the 50’s Lifestyle 

Halloween in the 50’s

We’ve collected a few pictures and links for our mid-century fans of Halloween! Need to get your hair done up 50’s style? Tutorial here! A video on Halloween preparation – A family prepares for Halloween together, making the Jack-o Lantern together, preparing the son’s Halloween scarecrow costume for a competition at school. Good family fun. Thanks to Retro Housewife for this awesome game! How To Play: This apple seed fortune telling has been done for generations. Every guest receives an apple and he or she can break the apple in…

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MidCentury Round up – stories around the web Lifestyle 

MidCentury Round up – stories around the web

News that caught our Facebook Readers attention this week Don the Beachcombers Saved: “Well, we did it! The Huntington Beach City Council just voted unanimously and they plan to leave the area alone! No re-zoning!!! I can’t believe how the tiki and Sunset Beach community rallied around this effort. It truly is a testament to what Dons/ Sams means to everyone. It IS worth saving. Good work friends!! Mahalo!” Check out the article about how it was saved and their Facebook page. The National Register Still needs Eichler homes: “Ten…

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Review: It’s a Mod Mod Mystery! (or two!) Lifestyle 

Review: It’s a Mod Mod Mystery! (or two!)

We’re behind on our book reviews and yet we’ve read some fabulous ones lately! If you’re a cozy mystery fan and love to dream of fabulous mid-century decor and fashion, Diane’s books are for you! I already reviewed her first book in this series “Pillow Stalk” but haven’t had a chance to tell you about the next two in the series! “That Touch of Ink”,  (as usual the title is a spoof on a Doris Day movie “That Touch of Mink”! 🙂 ) puts our heroine, interior decorator Madison Night…

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