Blogging every day – 30 (at least) 1950's house ideas

This fantastic room is curtousy of Ms Atomic on Flickr (there are other VERY cool photos on her flickr account…go check them out! So, this is not really an idea of mine, rather an idea from my flickr group about midcentury interior design. Rather than giving you one idea….there are 230 of them! Enjoy! (and go and add your own!)
I have just joined the National Blog Posting Month! I’ve felt a bit burned out on blogging and so for this blog (I have another blog) I thought I’d start posting a month’s worth of 50’s decorating ideas.
I also just ran across this article and thought you all might be interested: Remodeling – Save on Remodeling Costs – love to hear if you agree/disagree.
I’m vowing to do 30 days of cool posts on 1950’s details…some of them my own and some of them from other sources (neighborhood pictures, etc). So, cheers! Here’s to November!

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