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Fabulous acrylic Modern Christmas Trees

MCT-3-1024x682Matt Bliss, has been selling acrylic Modern Christmas Trees based on his grandfather Bud’s mid-1960s design since 2011.   The trees feature a sleek design and fabulous reflective decorative elements.  They are a great holiday decorative element for people who live in modern homes or sleek apartments or who simply want something different and with a creative sleek look.

Modern Christmas Tree designer, architect, and engineer Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker spent the majority of his professional life building A-frame modern homes in the Rocky Mountains.

The Christmas tree he designed was a one of a kind creation. RedTree_Detail_Edit_Final-1024x682.img_assist_custom-480x320It was all concentric rings and ornaments—a tree without a tree. From the tree’s inception in the mid 1960’s, through the 70’s and 80’s, the design was refined. In addition, the tree was decorated differently each year. Some of these changes are documented in photos on the website.

He never intended the tree to be anything other than a family favorite.Bliss says he started Modern Christmas Trees to honor his grandfather’s memory.“It’s great that this tree that was so important to our family is being enjoyed by people all across the world,” he says.

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