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Giveaway winner and where to get your Modbox mailbox

modboxcolorsThe ModBox incorporates the best design elements from the various manufacturers over the 20-year period.   The starting point was the dimensions from the vintage Leigh Products mailbox that I bought on eBay.

The ModBox Kickstarter went well, their goal was $40 thousand and they hit $77 thousand! So, production will begin soon. If you were one of our interested entries, you can still order your own mailbox here!

Our winner is:

Kathy B says:

This would give my 1960′s ranch some more curb appeal. Have been contemplating replacing our standard mailbox for awhile, but nothing quite for the bill. This would be an awesome addition.

randomThanks to all the entries! We haven’t had a giveaway in a long time an with this fabulous response, we’ll try to have more! 🙂


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