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Giveaway! Modbox mailbox

As a mid-century modern enthusiast, Greg Kelly was frustrated when he couldn’t find a mailbox that complimented the mid-century aesthetic of his home. In the Fall 2013 issue of Atomic Ranch, a reader asked: “Do you know a good source of 50s period mailboxes? In conclusion, the editor stated “…the retro market seems to be wide open.”

This collage shows some of the mailboxes he found, with the Sears 1961 “Diamond Jubilee – Sears 75 Years” catalog image in the upper left.  The mailbox was “Specially chosen for Sears Jubilee Value.” The mailbox featured two-tone colors with a special angled mailbox post, too.

The modbox incorporates the best design elements from the various manufacturers over the 20-year period.   The starting point was the dimensions from the vintage Leigh Products mailbox that I bought on eBay.

The final design:

Crafted in America, the way it was in the 50s and 60s…

They  are using 20 gauge cold rolled steel, the same as was done in the 50s-60s, which is 75% thicker than most mailboxes today.

They will also powder coat the mailbox inside and out, baking at 400 degrees.  This method is more environmentally friendly than using baked enamel.

Anodized aluminum will be used for the flag cap and door pull, similar to the Sears version.  Looks great with the color options!

The modbox measures 7″ wide x 7.75″ high x 21.25″ long.

The post will be constructed of 1-1/4″ cold rolled steel with an 11 gauge wall, powder coated, and 57.5″ long.  The metal mounting plate is 3.5″ x 7.5″ with holes that align with those on the bottom of the modbox. No ugly side mounting holes and screws!

The five color choices are original Eichler Exterior Accent Colors: Turquoise, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Eucalyptus, and Paprika.

The perfect compliment to modbox. These mid-century modern mailbox numbers were inspired from Richard Neutra’s work, where he specified lettering that was open and unobtrusive, the same aesthetic that typified his architecture.

Greg Kelly  is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter, when it reaches its goal,he can give the go-ahead for the production of the tooling (signed purchase order). Considering the fabricator’s production time estimate, production could be completed by the end of July.  In part, this depends on their production queue and volume at the time.

Greg is offering Mid-Century Style readers a giveaway of one mailbox (single color or two-tone). You can pick from one of the color options listed on Kickstarter.

Entering is easy. Simply leave a comment sharing what kind of mailbox you have and why Greg’s would look better on your house.  One comment per person. International entries are ok! 🙂

The winners box will be shipped in early August along with the other Kickstarter mailboxes.

If you decide to pitch in and help as a Kickstarter backer and you win, you will get their backer money refunded AND get a free mailbox post too!

Winner will be drawn via Entries accepted until Tuesday, June 24th at 12:00pm MDT. Winner will be notified via the email address you share and have 48 hours to reply.

This is a sponsored post, in exchange for my time and effort Denver Parent has received compensation. Visit our disclosure page for more information.


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21 Thoughts to “Giveaway! Modbox mailbox”

  1. Samantha

    We have an old crappy Home Depot standard mailbox. This would be PERFECT- our old mailbox has the old owner’s name on it still… We have lived here 5 years. Also we are wrapping up a DIY ranch renovation, working toward a mid-century style (within our mini budget). I actually spotted these mailboxes a month or so ago and loved iti!

  2. Kathy B

    This would give my 1960’s ranch some more curb appeal. Have been contemplating replacing our standard mailbox for awhile, but nothing quite for the bill. This would be an awesome addition.

  3. CelenaD

    I have a big ugly black traditional mailbox. It’s big and bulky with no style. I’d love one of these stylish retro mailboxes, will give my front yard a much needed upgrade. Those address numbers are a great fit as well.

  4. Dawn Murphy

    We have the mass produced black, big box store, plain Jane- boring box!! Doesn’t jive with our 50’s ranch that is filled with all things MOD!!! We need this box!!

  5. Oooh, I love that paprika color, matches some of our decor. Would love to have this conversation piece as a greeting to all who come for a visit!

  6. Tiki Adkisson

    We have a very basic (boring) mailbox and this would look so much better with our house!

  7. Dee

    We just bought a house and we are going retro with it. The mailbox we have is a cheap black plastic box , it has no character and the door won’t stay closed

  8. Kelly

    I would absolutely LOVE a mid mod mailbox!! I have been on the search for something amazingly retro but have not had any luck searching the internet for gently used vintage(or anything at all.) BOO! My home was built in the 70’s without any retro fabulousness. Just a typical rectangular ranch style with the most boring orangish red standard metal mailbox. My husband and I have been building, remodeling, and purchasing mid century features for our boring house. We have added a really cool mid century styled trellis across the front of our home and Greg Kelly’s snazzy mailbox would finish off the look perfectly! Thanks!

  9. John McCarthy

    #1 Reason for a Modbox Mailbox? I DON’T HAVE ONE. lol
    The awesome mid-century design of these beauties is riveting. The mailbox we have came with the house. A plastic, monstrosity with delusions of grandeur. I’ve been thinking of (accidentally) backing my car into it for some time now. But, with mostly similar choices at Home Depot and Lowes, my victory would be bittersweet, as I’d be replacing it with something similar.

  10. Niurka

    I have an old regular mailbox. My house is a newer home and this modern looking mailbox would look better

  11. I rent, however I do have an unusual need for a mailbox…for our school’s PTCO! We were talking about getting one ourselves, this would be awesome!

  12. Kia

    We have a black box near the front door. Boooooorrrrrriiiinnggg! Greg’s boxes are sweet.

  13. Kristen D

    We have a boring basic basic basic mailbox but our house really deserves this retro addition! The house is a 60’s ranch style inside and out. The pumpkin one would look gorgeous alongside our passionflower covered trellis and tree-filled southern front yard!

  14. My house is a 1960 backsplit, designed by my grandfather. My wife and I moved in (buying it from my grandparents) in 2012. It retains a lot of it’s mid-century details (including interior Sputnik lights.) Around 2002 though, the original mailbox was replaced with the one currently out front – a regular drab plastic box. What was that original mailbox? Why, it was one of boxes the ModBox was based on – the Sleek Suburban. So for us, we’re putting back what once was, which is why it will be awesome and better. We’re getting the black with Eucalyptus and we have to have the mounting pole to go with it. I dug up an old picture (circa 2001 or so) that shows the original mailbox, it can be found on our house blog:

  15. Wes

    We’ve got an ugly black plastic standard mailbox atop a 4″x4″ post that’s in desperate need of paint. It does nothing to add to the ranch home we’ve done so much work on to make our own.

  16. Christian

    We have an old grey standard mailbox.
    The retro mailbox will be a great addition as we are trying to bring the house to its original design.

  17. I like the rust color with gray or black. Mine right now is built into a stone post, but it isn’t easily seen.

  18. Bob

    Would love a red/black one to match our new house!

  19. Barbara

    We’ve been renovating a mid-century duplex in West Los Angeles for two years. Our son moved in upstairs we are putting the finishing touches on the downstairs unit. The little duplex is located on the street where the new EXPO Light Rail line that will open next year connecting downtown LA with Santa Monica. As we are a block and a half away from the busiest station on the line, we will have lots of pedestrians walking by and have NO mailboxes at all at the front of the property. The downstairs unit has a front door with a mail slot cut into it. However, there is a metal security gate in front of the door that (while it has its own mail slot cut into it) does NOT match the slot on the door! So, the mailperson stuffs mail into the slot (where it is crushed) or sometimes falls between the two doors. Needless to say, this is not ideal. We are just getting ready to paint outside and to do some clean looking landscaping with succulents. “Planting” one of these lovely modboxes outside of the property will add a special extra design element and will also provide a GREAT location to show off this fantastic creation to potential owners. We’d love to win it, to use it and to show it off at our place.

  20. Jackie Paquette

    We have a small cottage built in Surfside Estates on Lake Norman in1969. I found out recently it is located in one of the first subdivisions created after the lake was formed by Duke Energy in 1965. We bought it six years ago and have been making improvements. Just like Greg Kelly I looked for a midcentury style mailbox and couldn’t find anything a few years ago. I gave up and just accepted the standard black mailbox. We finally got around to replacing the cracked post this week and I decided to try again for a cool looking mailbox and here I am. The two toned sunflower with black would look retro cool with my yellow cottage. All the houses built in this subdivision have a modernist look and I think its important to call attention to it!

  21. Just bought a 1959 rancher and cant wait to get started on renovating it to bring back to its glory days with a modern twist. The mailbox on the curb just doesn’t fit in with the design we are hoping to achieve. Its currently a box store mailbox on a treated wood post. We thought about diying our own mailbox, but the modbox would be just the cool addition we need to get started on a 50s revival reno.

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