Halloween in the 50’s

retrohalloweenWe’ve collected a few pictures and links for our mid-century fans of Halloween!

Need to get your hair done up 50’s style? Tutorial here!

A video on Halloween preparation – A family prepares for Halloween together, making the Jack-o Lantern together, preparing the son’s Halloween scarecrow costume for a competition at school. Good family fun.

Thanks to Retro Housewife for this awesome game!
Apple Seed Fortune Telling Game
How To Play:
This apple seed fortune telling has been done for generations. Every guest receives an apple and he or she can break the apple in two or eat it to find out how many seeds are inside. Then each person counts the seeds. Boys will find their future professions, and the girls will be told what their husbands will be by counting the seeds. Count 1 as a rich man; 2, poor man; 3, beggar man; 4, thief; 5, doctor; 6, lawyer; 7, merchant 8, chief. Then repeat until all of the seeds are gone. Now find where you will live. One, big house 2, little house 3, pig pen and 4, barn. You will wear: 1, silks; 2, satins; 3, calico; and 4, rags. You will ride in: 1, coach; 2, carriage; 3, wheelbarrow, and 4, cart.

And what’s a Halloween with out a sexy pinup!


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