Help save a hip Wisconsin Motel

We love preservation efforts here at Mid Century Style Magazine and Motels are¬†our secret passion – ok, maybe not so secret! ūüôā

atomic-motelChristi and Mike are trying to save a fabulous atomic Motel in the Bayfield/Ashland area of Wisconsin and if you help them out you can get room credit for a great spot on Lake Superior when the motel opens!

Christi is a former restaurant server and currently a vintage reseller in a shop in Stillwater, MN and on Etsy and Mike is a retired elementary school teacher who also worked in restaurants and hotels many many years ago!

Christi’s¬†love for the mid mod style has helped to forge a vision of running a small motel completely redone in this style to bring back the nostalgia of a bygone era. They have¬†found a small, 8 room motel in Ashland, WI right on Lake Superior.

As most of you fans of preservation know, renovating and refurbing this motel will be good¬†for Ashland and surrounding communities. ¬†There are already reasons to come to the Ashland area which span the calendar! ¬†Unfortunately most of the period motels in the area have become rundown and don’t take on guests as they have turned to housing long term residents. ¬†Often visitors to the area for the annual marathon or other events are forced to stay over an hour away! ¬†We may not have a lot of rooms, but we’ll also be looking into the legalities of offering limited camping on our large lot during major events!

We love to hear that the¬†Ashland Area Development Corporation has been great to¬†work with and has offered¬†matching funds necessary to get¬†them started. As for their Indiegogo efforts, they have opted for an “all or nothing effort” so they will not take your money unless they know it’s going to move forward. All contributions will be returned if they can’t make it happen.

How else can you help? 

  • We are currently on Facebook as TheAtomicMotelWI and ¬†Twitter and Instagram as TheAtomicMotel.¬†Follow us there! ¬†Share our posts! ¬†Talk us up in groups you’re active in or to those you know come to our area. All through the remodeling process we’ll be active on social media posting photos and videos so we’d love for you to follow along and share what you think is cool!
  • And don’t forget, you can use the Indiegogo share tools to make thinks easy for friends and family to find out what we’re doing!



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