The Ultimate in Mid-Century cool – a cold war bomb shelter!

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Need to get away from it all?   Wish we could all be transported back to the days of “duck and cover”?

Here’s a way to own your very own Cold War Era Atomic Bomb Shelter in Fort Pierce, Florida.

0bonbThe structure, built in 1967, was built during the Cold War, to “withstand the big blast” and operated as a former AT&T communications Bunker. It’s construction was prompted by the Cuban Missile Crisis and the telephone company planned to use the shelter in the case of attack to house those personnel who could keep electronic communications going, reported Hoyt Murphy, the Realtor representing the listing.

The structure is approximately 7,700 sq. feet with 30″ reinforced concrete walls. The bunker, trapped in a time warm, hasn’t had modifications made in more than 40 years. Its concrete walls and ceilings boast government-issue green, blue and white paint and fairly basic facilities: one bathroom and one decontamination shower for nuclear fallout.   The structure also includes massive metal blast doors, 17 ft. ceilings. It’s very well insulated under several feet of dirt and sod.

NBSFP_10As a blast shelter, this is a place where people can go to protect themselves from bomb blasts. It differs from a fallout shelter, in that its main purpose is to protect from shock waves and overpressure, instead of from radioactive precipitation, as a fallout shelter does. It is also possible for a shelter to protect from both blast and fallout.

Priced at a reasonable $499,000, sources report between $200,000 and $300,000 to convert the concrete structure into something usable. None of the equipment is functioning and there is no functioning power in the building at this time.

NBSFP_03The shelter is placed on a generous 6 acres and there is a separate 811 sf warehouse/storage building on site. Property has clean environmental reports.  Original plans are available and dated 7/30/65 by prominent architect Alfred Easton Poor of New York City(1899-1988).

For a virtual tour be sure to visit the website!

Listing agent is Hoyt C. Murphy Jr. “Pat”, Coldwell Banker Hoyt Murphy Realtors , for more information call (772)460-2051

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