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Mad for Mod color winners!

Behold the Mad for Mod Capsule Collection that will appear in the pages of WITH VICS YOU GET EGGROLL!

WVYGE winnersThis was NOT an easy decision. Here’s how I decided:

First: I felt like the colors had to be names that fit with Madison Night, the character. Several of these were very clever, but didn’t feel like her

Second: I instantly loved “Beach Party” and “Lemon Twist.” This set the standard for 2-word names that don’t include the actual name of the color. Since neither of these used alliteration, I wanted to go with four names that sounded like a set. Using this criteria, I chose “57 Chevy” for the blue (more on this below) and “Cherry Rocket” for the red.

PESKY DETAILS: I’m in talks with Chevrolet to see if they would grant permissions to use their name in the book. I’m expect to hear shortly. If they say no, I’ll pick another name and there will be two blue winners.

Third: I pictured two different customers walking into a paint store and requesting the colors. #1 is a soccer mom who is trying to control her unruly boys. #2 is a beefy construction guy covered in tattoos. When I imagine these two sets of customers ordering these particular paints by names, I couldn’t help but smile!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Fine Print: Winners will receive an advance copy of the book in December and will be credited in the acknowledgments. Contest runs from October 16-October 23. Winner to be announced October 24. Book is scheduled for publication April 14, 2015. Advance Reader Copies will be available in December 2014. This contest was held in partnership with Midcentury Style Magazine.


WITH VICS front under 2mb


Note from the Editor! Be sure to go preorder the book on Amazon – you all did a great job and we know WE can’t wait to read the book and know we were all a part of it!

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2 Thoughts to “Mad for Mod color winners!”

  1. Leigh Meadows

    OH my gosh! Oh my gosh! That is me, I am the pesky winner! Figures, I would be a difficult winner, but a winner I am! Wooooooohoooooooo! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, I am very happy and appreciative!

  2. Elizabeth Tindal

    Wow! I’m so excited to have been selected! 😀 Love the entire set of names chosen. It sure must have been a tough selection as all the submissions were awesome. Congrats to all the other winners.

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