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Mad for Mod Contest: Pick atomic color names and win!

Our very own Diane Vallere has a new book coming out and has chosen you as our savvy readers to help her! She needs help picking color names for these fabulous paint colors!

In WITH VICS YOU GET EGGROLL, #3 in the Mad for Mod Mystery Series, Doris Day-loving, WVYGE Paint Swatch Contest for Midcentury Style Magazinemid-century modern interior decorator Madison Night has the opportunity to endorse four paint colors for Paintin’ Place, her neighborhood paint store. But Madison is preoccupied with things like abducted women, renovating a Cliff May house, and choosing between two hunky men. She needs your help! Suggest appropriately atomic names for the four paint colors pictured. If your paint name is chosen, you’ll get your name in the acknowledgments and receive a signed advance copy of the book! Contest runs from October 16-October 23. Winner to be announced October 24. Book is scheduled for publication April 14, 2015. Advance Reader Copies will be available in December 2014. This contest is being run in partnership with Midcentury Style Magazine.

Business as usual for mid-century modern interior decorator Madison Night involves a rundown ranch restoration and endorsing a set of retro paint colors. But when an investigation into a string of recent abductions turns up a murder vic, and evidence at the scene links the flirtatious Lt. Tex Allen to the crime, Madison’s priorities shift faster than she can say “Doris Day.”

Voluntary suspension keeps Tex off the case, and pesky reporters force him to live in his car. Madison’s own life is complicated by the return of her hunky handyman and her new demanding client. She immerses herself in routine, but suspects come out of the freshly-painted woodwork. When seemingly unrelated events lead back to the abductions, she exposes a secondary agenda, a copycat crime, and a vengeful plot to destroy someone she loves.

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60 Thoughts to “Mad for Mod Contest: Pick atomic color names and win!”

  1. Kim Brown

    #1 Big Daddy Blue
    #2 Sex Pot Red
    #3 Killer Diller Purple
    #4 The Living End Yellow

  2. Great contest! What about Boomerang Beige or Tailfin Turquoise? Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. I love Boomerang Beige! (And Tailfin Turquoise–made me laugh out loud!)

  3. Rachel Jackson

    So fun! I’m thinking Rocket Red and Lemon Burst. Thanks!

    1. Rachel–Both suggestions are great! Lemon Burst is making my mouth water!

  4. Toni Walker

    1. Stellar turquoise
    2. Muted Mars Coral
    3. Quasar Earl Gray
    4. Sunburst Smiles

  5. Brittany Lopez

    Aqua Velva
    Sienna Sizzle
    Taupe Out
    Lemon Twist

    1. Brittany Lopez

      Aqua Velva also happens to be a favorite cocktail of the B52s…just sayin

      1. Thanks Brittany! These are great! xo

  6. Richard Goodman

    So, here are my (multiple) suggestions for each color:
    Purple- Fermi Fuchsia
    Blue- Nuclear Ultramarine, Fallout Powder Blue, Catalina Contagion, Bohr Blue
    Yellow- Atomic Goldenrod, Cadmium Yellow, Yellowcake ( )
    Red- Crimson Fission, Bikini Atoll Red, Reactor Red, Firestorm, Atomic Chili.

    1. Yellowcake is also a clothing shop run by a Project Runway alum. Love the atomic references to all. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  7. Elizabeth

    1.Bye Bye Birdie Blue
    2.Radioactive Red
    3.Streamlined Sand
    4.Greaser Gold

    1. Love the musical references! I’m seeing Ann-Margret doing a commercial. Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. This took me back!

    1) Poolside Turquoise
    2) Rock-y Rose
    3) Rope-a-dope Taupe
    4) 77 Sunshine Strip

    1. Meredith, that’s one fun part about these books. They’re modern times with fun 50s and 60s references! Thanks for your suggestions!

  9. How about:
    1. Beatnik Blue
    2. Cruisin’ Crimson (or Carmine)
    3. Far Out Fawn
    4. Bombshell Blond

    1. Thanks, Mariah! These are good!

  10. Malka Essock

    # 1 Serene Celestial Blue
    #2 Hot Paprikash
    #3 Bonhomme Beige
    #Sweet Citrine Yellow

    1. Hi Malka, Just thinking “Hot Paprikash” spiked my temperature. Thanks for suggestions!

  11. Georgiann Minster

    1. This Hue Has Got The G I Blues
    2. Wasssup….Tiger Lilly?
    3. Your Barbarella Beige Just Launched Me Into Space
    4. Just Call Me Butterfield 8

  12. Georgiann Minster

    #2. What’s It All About, Poppy?

  13. Crystal Lite

    I Dream of Jeannie

    Beach Party

    Tom Collins

    1. Great suggestions, Gino! xo

  14. There’s so many good ones here, but I’ll try.
    #1 – Wedgedwood
    #2 – Burnt Brick
    #3 – Dusted Ecru
    #4 – Sun Stroke

    1. Love them all, Norma! Thanks for the suggestions!

  15. Leigh Meadows

    1. 57 Chevy Blue
    2. Radioactive Paprika
    3. That a Touch of Taupe
    4. Sun Shiny (Doris) Day

    1. I love how you pulled in the Doris Day references! Thanks for suggestions!

      1. Leigh Meadows

        I just noticed I put the letter a where it should not be! Hehe! My number 3 should read That Touch of Taupe!

        1. Leigh Meadows

          It was the excitement you know!

          1. The excitement will get you every time!

  16. Judy

    Bismuth blue, Nitro blue, Gallium blue
    Radii red, Atomic red, O2 red, Radium red
    Spherical beige, Tin tan, Titanium tan
    Elemental Yellow, Halo yellow, Halo gold

    1. You are really channeling the atomic age, Judy!! Thanks for suggestions!

  17. Diane Morrow

    1. Torpedo Taupe
    2. Rat Pack Red
    3. Please Don’t Eat The Daisies Yellow
    4. Bliue Plate Special

    1. More Doris Day references! Love them! Thanks Diane!

    2. Diane Morrow

      Sorry there shouldn’t be a “i” in Blue Plate Special

  18. Annette

    Fiftys turquoise
    Cozy coral
    Best ever beige
    Soft Yellow

    1. Great suggestions, Annette!

  19. Kelly Wolterman

    #1 Beatnik Blue
    #2 Cherry Bomb
    #3 Grape Jam Session
    #4 Mellow Yellow

    1. Cool Cats and Beatniks, totally appropriate. Thanks for the suggestions, Kelly

  20. Kelly Wolterman

    Oops, didn’t notice someone already did Beatnik Blue. Let me change my #1 to Cool Cat Blue

  21. I like these but couldn’t choose just one!

    1. Tiki Time Turquoise, Blissful Blue, Robyn’s Egg
    2. Coral Cha-cha-cha, La Bamba Red
    3. Saddle Soap Taupe, Cookie Jar Beige
    4. Sunny Daze, Sun and Fun, Sunbeam Yellow

    1. Marlene, You can enter as many suggestions as you like. (And these are all great!)

  22. midmichigan

    Tahoe Aqua
    Bonanza Red
    Mellow Yellow

    Very fun! No matter what they get named they’re great colors.

    1. Great suggestions, midmichigan! Thanks!

  23. midmichigan

    Atomic Aqua
    Reach Around Red
    Gold Digger

  24. Sputnik Pink
    Champagne Beige Mink
    Bel Air Blue
    Lavin D’Aire of Tomorrow

    1. Oooh, Kait, Champagne Beige Mink sounds so luxurious! Thanks for suggestions! xo

  25. Barbara Tobey

    A bomb blue
    Celestial coral
    Sputnik silver (beige?)
    Quasar yellow

    1. Barbara, you’re like me–you’ll put “sputnik” in front of anything! Thanks for suggestions!

  26. Renee

    Blue Boomerang
    Side Kick Brick
    Starburst Stone
    Golden Gate

    1. Renee, Four more good ones! This is going to be a hard decision!!

  27. Kate W


    1. Turquoise Twist
    2. Chill ‘ya Cherry
    3. Dizzy Dust
    4. Sunshine Scat

    1. Kate–Love ’em all! Thanks for suggestions!

  28. Elizabeth Tindal

    How about:

    Splashdown Aquamarine

    Cherry Rocket (Red)

    Moon Dusted (Taupe)

    Doris Day-sy (Yellow)

  29. The contest is now closed. Thanks to all for awesome suggestions! I’m deliberating now and will announce winners this evening. xo!

    1. Elizabeth Tindal

      My comment from yesterday is still awaiting moderation. Hope you saw it too! 😀

      1. Hi Elizabeth, Got it! Thanks for the suggestions!

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