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Mid-Century Photo Friday – Frank Gifford

These gorgeous photographs came to our attention and we can’t get enough of the colors and subject matter! Please visit his site for more (and we’ll be featuring more of him here too!) – Route 66 Sampler Trip: Three Images per State &emdash; SLEEP IN A WIGWAM (Rt 66 Holbrook AZ) New Mexico: Route 66 Images &emdash; BLUE SWALLOW SIGN REFLECTIONS ON HOOD (Rt 66 Tucumcari NM)

About Frank Gifford, the photographer behind these images: Frank began exploring the Mother Road and related interests after the year 2000. In a video-dominated world where images jump, twitch and jiggle (but almost never linger) he prefers a still photograph that provides a License to Stare. 19 of the Mother Road images are also at the Route 66 Interpretive Center in Chandler OK, Others are at Home 66 in Slovakia, Rt 66 Pix makes for a convenient trade name (and a snappy URL) but the actual scope of the site is much broader. Perhaps one-third of the images were taken elsewhere. The National (Cumberland) Road has its own gallery, and development of a Lincoln Highway gallery has begun. Separate galleries are devoted to artistic blur, street photography and other interests.

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