MidCentury Round up – stories around the web

News that caught our Facebook Readers attention this week

11017367_1459528074347089_2357013261775083969_nDon the Beachcombers Saved:

“Well, we did it! The Huntington Beach City Council just voted unanimously and they plan to leave the area alone! No re-zoning!!! I can’t believe how the tiki and Sunset Beach community rallied around this effort. It truly is a testament to what Dons/ Sams means to everyone. It IS worth saving.
Good work friends!! Mahalo!”

Check out the article about how it was saved and their Facebook page.

The National Register Still needs Eichler homes:

“Ten years ago the Historic Quest Committee, made up of Eichler owners and other fans of the homes, succeeded in getting two Palo Alto neighborhoods, Greenmeadow and Green Gables, added to the National Register. But none others have followed.” Read the rest of the article at

Fabulous Pyrex:

This amazing picture from the Pyrex Museum and Amy Burnett Gallery was loved by many readers! Be sure to check out their Facebook page:


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    Fantastic article, mid-century is the modern look nowadays! I love to see an enviroment with a mid-century style. I think that everyone should know the advantages of this new trend, that you can see in this article:
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