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The 40th Annual California Preservation Conference returns to San Diego to celebrate the region’s pivotal role in California’s historic preservation movement.
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More Mid-Century Real Estate news:

Thanks to our friend Koop Kooper, we found this little gem that just sold in Article Lead - wide978800981m9wqdimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.1m9wrm.png1427592502974.jpg-620x349Australia

On Saturday morning, the time-warped four-bedder sold under the hammer for $1,425,000 topping the suburb house median by $25,000.

Much of the interior remains as it started with floral carpet and a breakfast nook in the retro yellow kitchen. The garden was Kenneth Hall’s pride and joy.  “Dad used to nick the sandstone from down in the National Park,” Mrs Hall said. “Those sandstone pieces are holding up the soil in our garden beds.”

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And more real estate…

Why won’t anyone buy Bob Hope’s Estate?


As with most things in life, it boils down to dollars and cents—$24.99 million, to be specific. But it’s not all about the Benjamins—Jordan said it’s a finely

tuned balance of buyer, price, and location.

“…the pool of buyers who are spending $25 million on a second or third home in a resort town are limited,” he added. “That said, it’s a really palatable price for the amount of work that went into the construction.”

“It would be hard to replicate the property in today’s dollars at $25 million,” Jordan said. “It’s all steel, concrete, and glass. The glass pieces are so large that some of them had to be helicoptered in. The sheer cost of building something like this home is monumental.”

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