Review: It’s a Mod Mod Mystery! (or two!)

We’re behind on our book reviews and yet we’ve read some fabulous ones lately!

If you’re a cozy mystery fan and love to dream of fabulous mid-century decor and fashion, Diane’s books are for you! I already reviewed her first book in this series “Pillow Stalk” but haven’t had a chance to tell you about the next two in the series!

“That Touch of Ink”,  (as usual the title is a spoof on a Doris Day movie “That Touch of Mink”! 🙂 )25854333 puts our heroine, interior decorator Madison Night in trouble when a rare five thousand dollar bill arrives in the mail.

In happier times, she once joked that she could be bought for $5000 but the bill leads her to an abandoned office, a scared dog,…and a dead body, a “John Doe”.

The police—led by Lt. Tex Allen—are on the case, but she uncovers a kidnapping plot, a unique counterfeit operation, and the true price of her own independence.

Filled with fun Mid-Century style, and her own Mid/Mod Style, Diane Vallere’s character is fun for any mid-century enthusiast!

Paperback – That Touch of Ink

But wait, there’s more….

23447159“With Vics You Get Eggroll”, (this title uses the movie “With Six you get Eggroll”, you guessed it, Doris Day!)

Interior Decorator Madison Night has her hands full with a demanding client who’s renovating a fabulous mid-century home and an endorsement for paint (which our readers here at Mid-Century Style helped pick!), but when Lt. Tex Allen is linked to a series of abductions and one dead body, she helps him to find the killer and struggle with his suspension and anger issues. 

Madison’s sweet and good looking handyman, Hudson James shows back up to complicate things further.

Again, the mid-century references will be fun for any enthusiast and Diane continues to create depth to these characters until we’re sitting on the edges of our seats waiting for her to write the next one!

Be sure to pick this one up and see the colors our readers helped choose!

Paperback – With Vics You Get Eggroll

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