The influence of the Atom Bomb on 1950’s America

14f945d2d76fede927fa49a632c85c4cIn surfing around the web, we find some folks who have done a fantastic job of capturing important parts of Mid-Century life. One of our favorites is Uncle Jack’s and in surfing his site we came across this fantastic online master’s thesis from Monique Gaudin on the topic of the Atomic bomb’s influence on pop culture – both then and now.

Besides being packed with fabulous links about atomic culture, the page also has some fabulous videos talking about the culture of Las Vegas during Atomic testing, Tiki culture, architecture of the period in Las Vegas and even the use of mannequins from JC Penney’s to see how the testing would effect people and clothing.  Be sure to click on the balls of the starburst clock to see all the other options.

Here’s the video to get you started, but seriously pop over and look at all the other awesome stuff!

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