1950's Bathroom Inspiration

Something I think most folks forget about the 50’s are the garish and horrible colors! Some might like them, but eek! The “toned down” versions of 50’s bathrooms you see now are not what most were pushing in those days and these pictures prove it – I like the duckie design on the wallpaper on this one!

This room is almost like something out of Hollywood…good heavens, the colors tho!
For folks who really really really love pink!
NOTE ONE! This is mostly for Ranch Redo who wanted a “real 50’s bathroom”…I have to say…eek! This may be a place where progress is a GOOD thing!

NOTE TWO: Ward Jenkins (who I really enjoy reading for parenting and artistic reasons) also has this book and has a bunch of the illustrations from it on Flickr! Go check it out! He has a fantastic eye for 50’s stuff!

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