50's Bloggers – more questions about remodeling

This is our front step,obviously needs some repair,but I’ve thought about doing a mosaic over the front of the steps and across the front edge of the porch…with house numbers and a design….could this be done with a 50’s edge? Anyone know of 50’s mosaics?

While we were out at an art exhibit by another friend of ours, we ran into fellow housebloggers Amanda and Josh with RanchHandy! Great to meet them (although Amanda and I have met before) – and chat 50’s houses – Josh grew up in a 50’s house and had some interesting insights about them. I think those of use who are getting into this “group” are going to have some great discussions! He also had some good tips for putting up 50’s plastic tile (which is my main gripe with them…they’re MURDER to get back up on the wall if they fall off!). Also turns out we have the same 50’s interior book selection (more and more folks are posting pictures from these books I notice!)! We’ll have to make sure to share more cool 50’s book finds as we all find them!

Amy (who’s comment I have somehow deleted and she didn’t leave an email response) sent me an email a week or so ago that they had been talking on
Home Improvement Ideas Blog about small kitchens and wondered if I have any pictures of small 50’s kitchens. I haven’t had time to post any really good ones…does anyone else have any good ones? I wasn’t sure whether she was looking for a modern turn or real 50’s kitchens…maybe she’ll pass back by and let me know! 🙂
I’ve been meaning to welcome Fifties House to our webring for a while and they were looking for some blue bathroom suggestions…oddly I hadn’t had a chance to post this photo:

at Day 17 – Cheyenne, Wyoming – ages ago and haven’t had time to post it…isn’t it cool? Not sure it’s your style, but it’s cool!

Ok, my apologies for the longest blog entry ever, but I think I’m fairly well caught up. More on landscape next week…we’re getting folks out to look at our sprinkler and we’re having a hard time deciding whether or not to upgrade from our 50’s sprinkler box or to keep the old one for sentimental reasons!

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