50’s Houseblogging makes the big time on BoingBoing

Well a huge thanks to Laurie (1951 Ranch Redo)for bringing our bathroom conversations to the attention of BoingBoing! Wow, I feel so famous! I have some more pictures, but they are black and white…are folks interested?
Oddly, there is also a guy on Housebloggers who is trying to get rid of authentic 1950’s plastic tile! If anyone is interested…his post is here!
I’m already getting totally cool emails with more bathroom pictures, I’ll try to post them or links to them soon!
If you are a 50’s houseblogger or are interested in 50’s design, I have started a webring (listed in my sidebar) – please join! We’re kind of a funny group and I’m liable to be a bit picky so we can get authentic 50’s folks!

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