50's Houses around Denver and new links for the webring!

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been working, entertaining (maybe?) my inlaws who are visiting from Australia and generally getting ready for the end of school. Tommorrow is my son’s 4th birthday, so I haven’t had any time to scan all the photos people have requested of 50’s interiors or from my landscaping book.

However, I did get a new camera and so thought I’d show off a few of our areas (although these are a suburb away) homes. This is my friend Amy’s 50’s vintage house (I might as well post photos because she’s sworn to NEVER blog! – can you imagine? ;-)) ..they’re doing major kitchen renovation…should be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Then another gal in the neighborhood has started her own houseblog and they have a fantastic 50’s house! Check out her pictures (so far) at:Ranchhandy! I can’t wait to see what improvements they make! (she’s joined the webring too…sidebar at the right…so feel free to visit her there!)

This house is near my friend Amy’s. No idea who lives in it, but isn’t it cool? I particularly like the minimal landscaping. Love to know what the inside looks like!

Another interesting site that just joined our webring is Eichler For Sale from Renee who’s a Realtor, and also owns an Eichler home. The site not only has listings, but also renovation tips and GREAT pictures of 50 remodels – bathroom ideas, fence ideas, etc. Still no landscaping photos, but definately worth checking her site out!

Oh, and I noticed a post on the housebloggers forum from someone who hates knotty pine. Just my HUMBLE opinion, but I like knotty pine. It’s VERY VERY 50’s and can be pretty cool. Please don’t rip it out or ruin it! Kind of like painting the gorgeous woodwork in victorians. I left all the 50’s knotty pine built ins in my last house. I thought they were cool. Feel free to disagree with me tho!

Ok, I PROMISE next week I will post some scans from my growing collection of books! Thanks for everyone’s patience.

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