#6 Tile in 50's houses

I took a couple of days off (to catch up on work) and now I’m back…here’s the #6 detail…tile floors in 50’s homes. I saw this photo on the the 50’s interior design flickr group from Miss Retro Modern’s post to the group.
This reminded me that I’ve never posted pictures of our basement floor…which I adamantly am against removing even though most of the tiles are popping up and they’re full of asbestos (hey, renovating isn’t always rational, is it?).
The floor is two-toned:

And it’s really the medallion in the middle I’m in love with. Isn’t it cool?

It’s going to need to be replaced, but I don’t love the new versions of this tile (I just did a surf and can’t find any links to resources for it, but I know it’s out there) and I’m not sure what else to replace it with. Rex wants to put in slate…we’ll see. Carpet would be stupid since this goes right out to the back yard (and we have kids!).

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