A little vacation, sprinkler repair and some more interesting web stuff.

Our sprinkler system has been repaired (with a few minor hitches…nothing major, just learning how to use it!) and so this area is starting to fill in:

And my herb garden is starting to go in and to grow (slowly)….

The good news was that we had it all working before we left town on a little trip to the mountains….only used a tank of gas, but crossed the Continental Divide in two spots and took in some gorgeous scenery…one of the things I love most about Colorado.

I’m hoping to do a lot more gardening this week…so I’ll post as I go (hopefully).We have bars on our house (the neighbor just took his off) and so I was interested to see these: Less hateful burglar bars – they seem like a totally cool compromise.
I seem to have several friends remodeling kitchens and have run across this great blog: Counter Culture: Kitchen Remodeling Blog – they have some neat articles and I know at least one of the writers posts comments here quite regularly (although she doesn’t leave her email so I can’t email her back! – hint, hint!).

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Review: Pillow Stalk, Mad for Mod Cozy Mystery

We haven’t done book reviews on Mid-Century style yet, but perhaps that’s because we didn’t know “Pillow Stalk” was out there.   Written by Diane Vallere, this book is custom made for Mid-Century fanatics who enjoy a good cozy mystery! Born on the same date, Interior Decorator Madison Night has modeled her life after Doris Day, but when a killer targets women dressed like the bubbly actress, Madison’s signature sixties style places her in the middle

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Feng-Shui for Mid Century Modern designers

I’ve had my Mid-Century interior design books out a lot the past month. We purchased a new flat screen TV and despite the design possibilities it adds, it also creates a ton of design dilemmas. 1950’s home designers never pictured a room designed around a TV much less a flat screen that hung on the wall. According to the Ladies Home Journal Book of Interior Decorating, “Television need never dominate a room but it must

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More Energy Conservation

If you read my post on green windows you might be interested in the following .pdf (it’s a powerpoint turned into a .pdf). I had the guy who did the presentation to our Neighborhood Association send it to me and I think it has some excellent points. For something put out by the energy company, I think it makes some good points and has some interesting information.

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