Busy weekend – problems with moss?

It’s amazing how your weekend can be taken up with just maintenance, not improvement things. I mowed the lawn and trimmed a hedge, but the house looks like brand new! I’d purposely let the grass grow out so that it could stand our little burst of heat. Now it’s got some water and I’ve mowed it and it looks great (it’s needed some filling out since we fixed our sprinkler system and had two seasons of serious water restrictions). So, to show for my work:

A trimmed up hedge…but I got out some quick grow “weed” trees and the hedge hasn’t looked this good in a couple of years (PS – you can see the original untidy busy in my anniversary post below).

Ok, for you folks who know about landscaping and such. Here in Colorado we don’t normally have a ton of moss…but we have a problem with that – I have no idea why. I suspect this is the “bad” moss. It lives in the middle of the lawn (lots of sun) and doesn’t get a ton of moisture.
On the other hand, this moss is near the house, in a shady area that does get quite a bit of water.

So, what do you all think? Should I send my moss off for testing? Should I just rip the top stuff out of the lawn (I could probably do it with a rake)….is it good for the lawn?

I’m sort of out of my league here.

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