Contest over at Modern Capital – Know your architects?

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Landscaping at the White Sands in NM

As always with Mid-Century Photo Friday, please join me by posting (and linking to) your own picture – leave a comment, OR I’m trying out the “Mister Linky” below – just click the link and it will take you to another screen to provide your link! I’d love to have a lot of weekly submissions, so please pass along! This photo is taken from the office at the White Sands Motel in NM. I think

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Happy New Year!

Here’s looking forward (and looking Retro) into the New Year! We do fondue for New Year’s – do you have a Retro New Year Tradition?

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Pictures of "Franks" bar and other insights into our home

My husband’s bar is named “Franks”….not oddly after Frank Sinatra (although there are pictures of him) but after Frank Zappa – I bought an expensive photo of him years ago and that’s what started the whole bar theme! So, here’s the new and improved “Franks”. Some of the “Franks” around the bar – it’s fun to see what people bring over. Oh, and here’s the rest of the room. Not really mid-century (we need different

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I just had to say "eek" – anyone else

I read many many blogs and the Zillow blog is one of there. Where I ran across this: Ok, I realize it’s probably a TON more space, but YIKES! Am I the only one? 50’s cute to WHAT? Farmy? YUCK. Obviously I have given you my opinion already, but anyone? Go read the little story.

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