Denver – Arapahoe Acres Home Tour

Home & Garden Tour -October 3

According to the wonderful Lesley, there are 8 homes on the tour and the proceeds benefit their local elementary school, Charles Hay.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at Mod Livin on Colfax or onsite the day of the tours!

I know we’ll be there! Yay!

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Indiana Landmarks to recognize MCM

Baz over at Atomic Indy, has all the info necessary to become one of the first time ever Mods to be awarded in these two awards categories. The Indiana Modern “Stewardship Award” (for preserving an MCM) The Indiana Modern “Rescue Award” (for restoring/saving an MCM) Visit his post to check out all the information and to get info on how to enter Entries are due on April 29th, 2011. Winners will be chosen and announced

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