Denver Modern Homes and life

I ran across Denver Modern Homes ages ago and thought I’d give you all a link to it. I hope they pop over and join our webring…I really need to set aside time to promote it more, but it seems to grow a bit more each month, so that’s something, eh?

Which brings me to what I’ve really been working on this week, the launch of a new website for a local quilt shop….Quilt Cabin. They have had an outdated site forever and so I finally stripped it down to the basics and posted just good basic info. Go over, check it out and if you’re in town be sure to visit them! Unfortunately I’ve been so swamped with this that I haven’t had time to put up my toilet posts or even the pictures of our bushes all trimmed up nice.

Oh, and I know Louanne is reading this (hopefully) and will send me a picture of her porch cover…I’d love to see it! And anyone elses for that matter. We’re still looking for ideas.

Then there’s the school shooting just near here. What a sick event. I’m not really a person for capital punishment normally, but when a sicko like that gets to carry out something like that and then kill himself it makes me feel completely ill. I hate this part of the world and it gets worse when you have kids.

Sorry for all the “bleck” posts recently…honestly….toilet…coming up! (ha, ha!)

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