Do you have questions about the "Mad Men" set design?

I have been hardly able to contain myself for the last month (I’ve been waiting for the new sets to be finished), but in the next couple of weeks, I will be interviewing one of the wonderful people who design the sets on the series “Mad Men”! (insert hysterical screaming here).

If you’re into mid-century style, you surely have drooled all over the sets, wondered where they get their inspiration and wondered how authentic they try to be.  Some of you may even have been picking it apart and noticing some faux pas!

So, if you have a question for them, what would it be? I’ll try to ask as many as I can!

UPDATE: Because of the show’s production schedule my interview was moved to July – look for the interview then! And please keep commenting here! I’m excited to ask them lots of great questions! 🙂

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