Doing a little housecleaning

So, I’m doing my duty and cleaning and organizing Mid Century Style – and if I don’t mind saying, it looks clean and shiny!
I have started SO many groups and affiliate programs (although there’s the Amazon drama) that I really felt that on the old website, they got lost.
I’ve also officially launched the Mid Century Motels page – you will see at least two more posts over the next couple days, with my reviews of mid-century motels we’ve stayed at. Those will now be listed under the menu item above.
If you haven’t visited them, I have two Flickr groups, one for Mid Century Motels and one for Mid Century interior enthusiasts (with an amazing 1,644 members).
Then, there’s the Ning Group – with a great community of folks who love mid-century and some resources!
Not to mention – the books (which are now available through the Tattered Cover instead of Amazon) which are here, along with a link to our Cafe press site, which is kind of understated, but I might launch some new stuff there soon.

Whew! And I’m still not done! Can you believe it?

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