Doing some 1950's redecorating…ok, with our "take on it"!

We recovered our footstool over last weekend. This is the before:

This is the after:

It looks like it was easy, but under that slipcover was a poofy footstool with a dust ruffle, so we had to totally take it apart. We removed the casters and put the new legs on. We got the fabric from an outlet. I think it looks a bit “80’s” but the fabric really matches the other things we have going on in the room (which isn’t easy…let me tell you!). The chair is an estate sale find that our cat was systematically ripping up in our basement “lounge” room, so I put some canvas I had on hand on it. I’d rather cover it with some cool barkcloth from Contemporary Cloth, but what can I do?

In redoing the furniture for the house, we also reorganized the living room. I had been a slave to the “new design” way of making sure you have conversation groups and having all of your furniture close together. Well it finally dawned on me that we have a 50’s home and thus a 50’s layout, so it was easier to use this concept (from the Better Homes and Gardens “bible”):

So, here we have our “spin art” living room…complete with the picture arrangement (the black and white photos in the middle) also straight out of the book! Clearly our furniture isn’t all 50’s looking, but still it’s managing to look more and more like our take on a 50’s home. I think.

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