Early Postmodern Design and Quality

What is it about the ‘50s that we find so riveting, so very chic? There was a Utopian quality back then, of course. This was part of the overall prosperity of the post-Wars era. Things were peachy in the economy, industry, pop culture and technology. America was on top. It had massive confidence. And, design in all fields flourished.


Postmodern 50s

It’s not just a little quirk of this site or hobbyists to love the 50s’ style. The age has been loved ever since it happened. Some mark the beginning of the so-called Postmodern period of history during the middle of the 20th Century.

That means that everything changed. Computers were on their way into everybody’s hands. We don’t have to go through all the historical points that were utterly amazing about those years and ever since!

But the point is that this history, as it turned out, produced all the right ingredients for American products to be exceptionally well designed, and sought out all over the world.

Lost Quality

Things have changed a lot since the Postmodern age set in, and along with it mass-production and automation of production. We have lost the almost handmade look-and-feel of things made during the 50s with so much attention to detail and ‘bombproof’ construction quality.

The style was also futuristic, of course. Our things nowadays, by contrast, are merely high-tech and slick. It was the beginning of the future, back in the 50s.

One item of cultural invention that had its hay days during the great rise of Vegas was the first generation of slot machines. Now, it might be a fascinating item to display in the den, but those specimens are probably pretty pricey and rare.

Yeah, in the 50s, most machines were still very physical and raw by today’s standards. Our machines are sealed away from view mostly, and controlled by small computers.

Computer screens are the main way that we interact with tools and machines, as well as the Web itself. Although you can play slots online that are amazing fun, with their own high-tech charm, the clunky yet shiny slot machines from a past golden age may be lost forever — until the next 50s revival in that area!

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