Happy Holidays to all of you from all of us!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday! We’re looking forward to a fabulous 2010!

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Life after stainless steel

Quite a few years ago (no, we’re not going into how long), I was an advertising sales representative and had an appliance store as a client. I remember him saying back then that stainless sold “occasionally” but just wasn’t taking off. Now it’s all you see. I was just taking a look at Ranch Redo’s kitchen remodel photos. We redid our kitchen 6 years ago. A complete remodel from avocado appliances and huge gold flowered

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Koop Kooper, the swank meister of the airwaves

A week ago, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Koop Kooper of Cocktail Nation, if you haven’t checked out his podcast and radio show, I suggest you hop right over and check it out, there’s a list of stations his show is available on and you can listen to back episodes on his website. As you sit around an listen to his show, you can also thumb through his book of interviews. Included

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Thanks for the info on my Pom Pom Junipers!

Thanks to Big Mall Rat (Scott) for his research on my bushes. Even after I gave him a hard time for cutting his down (I do understand hazards when you can’t see out of the driveway!). I’m just thrilled to know what they are. However, I can’t answer the question about when they came into vogue. My 50’s landscaping bush, doesn’t have much about these….and I do think his theory is fairly good…that it was

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Online Vintage Fabric Stores: for interior decoration and crafting fun!

We were looking around the internet for something fun and interesting to write about and in a crafty mood, I said “fabric”! 🙂 Of course etsy and Ebay have fabulous things, but where to reliably shop online for these? There are lots of sites with really old fabric, but Mid-Century is a bit harder to track down. Here are just a few of the sites we found: Contemporary Cloth They have a goal to provide

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