I’m ready to hit the road!

This is the most fabulous trailer ever:

Be sure to pop over and read the story. It’s awesome (we can all dream can’t we?).

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Name this Architectural style

One of my readers, Brian, wants to know if this is Mid Century Modern? I’m not familiar with the style, so I thought I’d throw this out to all of you, my brilliant panel of experts! The house was built in 1957, so at least it’s the right time period! If it helps – he just sent this second photo!

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Retro Roadtrip: Phoenicia Lodge in the Catskills

Eight years ago, Brian and Sara, two Brooklynites, stumbled upon an old roadside lodge where the paint had faded, the floors were cracked, and most of the toilets rocked from side to side, but they were able to see the honest simplicity in the humble cabins that appealed to their desire for a simpler life. Shortly thereafter, the Phoenicia Lodge was born. The Lodge uses period-specific furniture and fixtures to marry mid-century style with modern amenities

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1950's furniture arranging

I got to thinking today about what has made our house more of a 50’s home. I think part of the challenge of living in any period house is to try to keep within the time, but to update it and make it your own. Our furniture is partially 50’s and partially – well, “dorm room”. I refuse to update any of it until the kids and pets quit destroying it and/or until I find

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5 Mid-Century Culture blogs for your reading pleasure!

If you love mid-century, the logic goes that you’d probably love the culture as well. However, Mid-century culture runs the gamut from Route 66 groups, car groups, to the Mad Men craze. Basket of Kisses –  the premier Mad Men Fan blog. Deborah and Roberta Lipp are writers, bloggers, and sisters who love to think deep thoughts about smart television. To that end, they are the founders of Basket of Kisses, the first and greatest

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