I’m ready to hit the road!

This is the most fabulous trailer ever:

Be sure to pop over and read the story. It’s awesome (we can all dream can’t we?).

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Ward-o-matic on Mad men

Life has been crazy here with showing the house and getting organized – but I wanted to share this with you: Two of my favs! Ward-o-matic’s fantastic illustration of a Mad Men party – does it get much better?  Go check out his post about it! Oh, and if you’re in the Denver area (Wheat Ridge to be specific, but I know you’ll drive for this!) – be sure to keep an eye on ModMood/Retro

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Mies van der Rohe’s gas station in Montreal preservation success!

It’s wonderful when we can report a Mid-Century preservation success: “Long, low and in his trademark black steel, the shuttered-since-2008 Esso station by Bauhaus master Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, at boulevard de l’Île des Soeurs and rue Berlioz in Montreal’s Nuns’ Island community, currently lies stripped of a little of its beauty – huge sheets of glass and their associated mullions have been numbered and disassembled for restoration – but by autumn, the building

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Ghost Towns of Route 66 – Glenrio and Endee

While traveling the mother road (also known as Route 66) over spring break, we were fortunate enough to find out about a side road – well, it used to be Route 66 proper, but as Sally said in the movie “Cars”, “The town got bypassed just to save ten minutes of driving.” and that couldn’t ring more true with the towns of Endee and Glenrio. Both are still fantastically picturesque but in a sad haunting

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