Life after stainless steel

Quite a few years ago (no, we’re not going into how long), I was an advertising sales representative and had an appliance store as a client. I remember him saying back then that stainless sold “occasionally” but just wasn’t taking off. Now it’s all you see. I was just taking a look at Ranch Redo’s kitchen remodel photos.

We redid our kitchen 6 years ago. A complete remodel from avocado appliances and huge gold flowered wallpaper to what it is now…light wood cabinets, sleek stainless handles and appliances and our monorail light fixture. We love it. All but one thing. Stainless steel is a HUGE pain in the tush! Massive. Like you have NO idea..with two children (4 and 6) it’s ridiculous to keep clean. I have all the cleaners, I’ve heard all the tips and the absolute truth is that it stays clean for 2.5 hours when laboriously cleaned for 2 hours.

Thus, my illustration. Basic black. I know, not perfect, but frankly HAS to be easier than stainless. So, how many of you love your stainless and would do it again?

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