Lots of 50's stuff going on!

RanchHandy posted this interesting article from our paper… DenverPost.com – Fervor for the 1950s . Among the points were collectibles, I don’t collect much (except fabric…see other blog!) but I did get this fish tank a long time ago at a flea market…isn’t it cool? RanchRedo has been talking about Bakelite. I love it, but wish it wasn’t so expensive.

I’m pretty sure the top is bakelite, no idea how you’d tell tho. The bottom has a light in it, but I think it heats up the tank a bit too much for a beta.

Anyway, it’s hot here today. About this time of year we always start talking about air conditioning. It would make the basment WAY too cold tho! Swamp coolers are popular, but I’m not sure I love the idea of all the humidity! Ugh, what a predicament. Plus, we really only need it in a few rooms…for a few days a year!

So, as a result, I’m off to pick up my normally “bus riding” husband in the lovely air conditioned car!

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