Mad Men Monday – Salute to lamps!

This week’s mad Men Monday is late – basically because I had WAY too much fun doing the research for this and am complaining of a chest cold. Next week I’ll start on Friday night!

So, without further ado – here’s our salute to Mad Men Lamps!

The first lamp is on Don’s Desk at the beginning of the first season. About midway through that season it mysteriously disappears, but it was actually the easiest to find online:

Fabulous lamp, the one I found on  is slightly different, but gives the same effect.

Don’s desk lamp for the rest of the season is fabulous:

I thought this one would be fairly simple to track down, but no – apparently Jenn – over at the Department of the Interior has already tried this search and gotten the following results:

Check over on her blog  for the results. I think the middle top is the only one that’s really close.

This next one I thought would be dead easy to find a perfect match for – but no going – I can’t believe how hard it is to track this down. The one I finally picked at the antique lamp at least had the same feel, but I’m open to other resources for this great lamp:


Well I’m running out of time and energy, so here are the other lamps I grabbed out of screenshots that caught my interest.


I particularly love the one in the middle – and the one in the top right is a lamp my Mother still has somewhere. I love all of these because not all of them scream 50’s, but they also look like what would end up in any home or office of the period.

What’s your favorite lamp? Do you have any more great resources?

Again, I’m planning on doing a series of these posts – to give me a reason to go back and watch past episodes and something for me to do on Sunday evening. I’ve already had suggestions of throw pillows and office couches. Any other suggestions?

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