Meanwhile…back to landscaping!

Well, I’ve been working on moving my blog and fleshing out the MidCenturyStyle site (sorry, photos still to come). I apologize to all the folks who have emailed me wanting specific pictures…I do have some and hope to get them posted sometime today.

Here’s what we’ve been up to tho…with free mulch day, I fleshed out my planting bed in front and planted some Annuals…the green plant in the center is my beloved Hosta (hopefully the first of most).

This is the side yard….soon to be filled out with herbs, and some other things (maybe strawberries, etc). I have big plans for it! Oh, and the lattice is temporary. That vine wouldn’t go away, so I moved that from another spot in the yard and I think we’re going to attach it to the fence and go ahead and let it grow.

This is our neighbor’s house (on the other side of the fence above. It’s basically our house with another floor. It’s huge and really cool. I’ll take more pictures soon, but I wanted to give you a teaser. See, not all cool 50’s houses are ranches!

More later…I just got my landscaping book back (loaned it to a neighborhood friend) and so I’ll scan some photos soon.

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