Mid-Century Motel: the Buckaroo Motel in Tucamcari NM

I LOVE it when I get feedback from my readers that means you not only GET it! You’re in it with me!

I got a wonderful email from Jenny G – of “The Romantic Gringo” that they were making an automotive pilgrimage from Detroit to Carefree, AZ for the holidays, and stopped in Tucumcari for the night.

The Buckaroo sounds like exactly our sort of place – not even a website available!

Here’s her partial review:

“The Buckaroo…did not disappoint: it was cheap, clean, un-renovated, and un-updated (which is to say dated, as R.G. commends). Well, the mattresses have been updated, which R.G. appreciates, but the rest of the decor gives the proper time capsule vibe. Fake wood paneling, padded headboards, vintage furniture. The owners are sweet and sensible. It’s just good there.”

Read the rest of her review over on her blog!

I’m excited to add this as a stop on Mid-Century Motels! Do you have a Mid-Century Motel we should list? Please email me and thanks to Jenny – I told her she can be our “roving reporter”!

Buckaroo Motel
1315 W Tucumcari Blvd, Tucumcari, NM 88401,
(575) 461-1650
first exit off I-40,

$30 for a double. Dog $5.
TV, no internet, no coffeemaker.

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