The Mid-Century Floor plan

I love this because about 15 years ago I heard one designer refer to this as “spin art” decorating (all the furniture goes along the walls). In a 50’s house tho, I’ve found this to be a much better way of decorating.

From the 1950’s Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Binder.

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#3 – Detail from our house – doorbell

This is our doorbell. We love it. Very cool and very original. Nothing amazing sound-wise, but I think the style is awesome. Again, this is an example of things that aren’t really “atomic” but are 50’s. “Normal” house things. I like atomic, but frankly most of it doesnt’ really “fit” into our house – I love 50’s stuff that looks like the things we all grew up with. Oh, the clock is obviously ours…what do

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Wishing and hoping and dreaming!

Sorry for my delayed absence, but I’ve been wrestling with Bloggers new “upgrade” (which obviously I don’t think is! I’m pondering a move to wordpress, but seem to be having issues there too, so bear with me! I have every intention of doing something soon with this blog! Through one of the other 50’s blogs (no idea who now…sorry..been too long!) I heard about these fantastic paint color palettes at Sherwin Williams! This is probably

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More bathroom updates

Ok, so here’s the tile selection so far: So, now the drama is the floor tiles. Grey? (to match the vanity?) or black? (too dark) – white – too bright! What? ideas? Help! The other issue is what’s available. Everything is these earthy (NON-50’s) tones that are NOT us. Frankly anything esle is really hard to find. Keep in mind we’re doing this this month – so we don’t have 60-90 days OR unlimited funds

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#4 – Detail of Kitchen handles from other house

My friend over at Ranch Handy posted about this Kitchen (not hers) quite some time ago, but I’m not sure she ever found these handles…aren’t they cool? I also LOVE the knotty pine cabinet doors. We had a ton of this in our old house – knotty pine built ins and we loved it. Even when we ripped out a wall with closets between two very small rooms, we carefully saved all the lumber. The

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