Modern Picture hanging idea and bee ideas?

Not a lot going on this week. It’s hot, hot, hot and unfortunately we have a bee problem in our backyard. I love honeybees…wouldn’t even think to kill them. UNFORTUNATELY, they’ve taken up home on our flagstone back porch under the top of a sprinkler system junction box. We bought poison, but I just hate to do that. So, I have tried to drown them (it’s just a small box, I figured, maybe fill it up with water and they’d decide to relocate…I know…it was a silly hope I suppose). However, I suspect they’ve plugged the hole and are waiting it out….we’ll see.

In other news, Rex came up with this cool idea:

Here’s a close up….just clips from the office supply store and some chain. He does hobby photography (has a darkroom set up in a closet) and so likes to change the images.

Prior to this we were just using tape to hold them up (ick) and so this is a huge improvement. We have got to paint this hallway (isn’t it always something) but it just hasn’t happened.

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