Movie Manor in Monte Vista Colorado is a mid-century treasure!

When our staff first went on the search for Mid-Century Motels, we were looking for family friendly clean motels that have kept and celebrated the 50’s motel style. The Best Western Movie Manor in Monte Vista Colorado is all that and more!

Part of the Best Western chain, the Best Western Movie Manor is located on the same property as a historic drive-in movie theater, which means guests can watch G rated – family-friendly movies on the big screen from the comfort of most rooms every mid-May to mid-September, while enjoying fantastic mountain views.

George Kelloff, as a young man, saw a wonderful drive in movie theater in Brownsville, Texas, in the 50s and decided he needed to own one himself. In 1955, George and wife, Edna Mae, built the Star Drive-in Theater on the site of an old airport on Rt. 160 just west of Monte Vista, Colorado.

While running the box office, George dreamed of a motel that would wrap around the drive-in theater. With large windows that faced the outdoor screen and sound piped into the rooms, motel guests could see the movie from their rooms if they chose.

Fourteen units of the Movie Manor Motel were completed in 1964.  Thirty years later, room capacity has more than doubled as a Best Western motel. A second outdoor screen was added in 2003. The drive-in theater includes a snack bar, and a restaurant is next door to the motel.

George and Edna Mae have now retired, but the property is still run by their son, George Jr, and his wife Judy.

Families with young kids will especially love seeing  movies that are always family friendly on the big screen from the comfort of their own room, the sound is available with a switch and a volume control. The slightly over $100 a night price may not seem inexpensive, however, if you factor in getting to see a first run movie and the clean and well furnished rooms – it’s a bargain! The rooms all have a movie theme with pictures of famous actors and actresses. Each room is named after a movie star (new and old) and my favorite is the Arnold Schwarzenegger workout room!

If you’re afraid Monte Vista is a dead end for activities, be sure to check out my review of our sightseeing down in the area!  Monte Vista also has a little something for everyone. Just outside the Movie Manor, guests will find plenty to do, like visiting Great Sand Dunes National Park, experiencing the National Wildlife Refuge, attending the annual Crane Festival and witnessing the thrills of the Ski Hi Stampede Rodeo, one of the oldest in Colorado. There’s more information on what to do in the area on my review on Denver Parent.

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