Pat Boone needs YOU! (spread this around)

I got a wonderful email on Flickr this morning from Gaston Hinostroza Project Development Director at Magic Hair Studios and he has a heartfelt requests from all of you mid century nuts:

“I need nuclear family. homes, teens, hop, dances, record buying youth 1957-1964 pics for PBS special

We are producing a “Pledge Break” special for PBS highlighting performances on the ‘Pat Boone Show’ that aired between 1957 and 1963. The documentary will feature musical clips from Pat’s show and duets with the various performers who appeared on the show.

This show will appear during their march 2010 pledge drive and will offer a DVD premium of the show to renewing or new members. We deliver a rough cut of the show to PBS this Friday and the final masters and promos, the 2nd week of January 2010.

We make mention various cultural moments in time (baby boomers buying records, homes, young people hanging out etc) and we happened upon some of your images and they look great!

We would like to use them in our Pledge Drive Special. However we need your permission to use them in the
television broadcast (worldwide and in perpetuity) and to
use them in the DVD premium that PBS is offering.

We need them Highest Resolution possible ~ 300dpi or

We are conscious and sensitive in presenting these images
as representing significant moments in time and will be duly
respectful to the people and places in them.

We are glad to give all appropriate credits and
acknowledgments to you, however, being a PBS show, and
proceeds going to PBS, we have a a almost no budget and can
not afford to pay fees like the larger houses like Getty
would charge for clearances.

The rights to the other historic images and kine-scope
reels have in our show now, have been granted to us free,
with written agreement that the images will be used in a
respectful manner, due credit will be shown, and respect as
is fitting the images place in history and the people in

Van you help us out?

I appreciate you diving in to this with me. Any help you
can avail to us is very much appreciated.

Gaston Hinostroza
Project Development Director
Magic Hair Studios

3365 Barham Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90068

323-851-2402 – FAX
818-415-3410 – Cellular

AIM: bdgstone2

If you’ve posted on the Mid Century Flickr group – you might want to look through your photos there too to see if you can help!

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