Popping up a mid century ranch (gasp!)

One of the realities of owning your own home is that eventually you might want more space. A lot of people move! This is one options, but lets say you love your neighborhood, you like your house and you just want to live there longer?

Well, obviously “popping the top” is a really great way to do this. Now…with a budget (like lets say you can’t hire a pricey architect etc). I Think this can be a disaster and a fine way to completely destroy the look and feel of a house. Especially if you have any desire to preserve it’s historical value. Blonde brick ranches were designed as ranches and as such, I think you’re better building off rather than up. However, I think you can do a good job if you try.

Here are two good ideas. Now, the first one is really cheating because it started out as two story. However, I think someone creative could get good ideas from it and it’s identical to our home – except for that pesky second floor!

2 story blonde brick

The second, I think is my favorite pop up ever. It keeps with the “theme” of the mid century ranch, but makes it something special…definitely more modern, but a great looking house! I suspect an architect was involved in this one and even though I know the owner, I need to get more details!

Pop top

Do you have any good mid century pop up photos? How about bad ones? post and let me know! 🙂

Ok, so there’s your mid century eye candy for the day! I’m out to work in the garden and work on our mid century house.

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