Reminder – Indiana Mod owners!

Just a reminder, if you have a home worth showing off:

  • The Indiana Modern “Stewardship Award” (for preserving an MCM)
  • The Indiana Modern “Rescue Award” (for restoring/saving an MCM)

Visit Baz’s post to check out all the information and to get info on how to enter

Entries are due on April 29th, 2011. Winners will be chosen and announced during the 2011 Indiana Modern Home Tour weekend in May, which includes a Miller House symposium.

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Well it seems life has dealt us a card and we’re going to remodel our PINK bathroom in the next month. We know the tile has been falling off the shower wall for a while, but finally our plumber has determined that the plumbing for the whole shower has to go. So, it’s a rip out and remodel -s eriously we can’t save the tile in the bath. We could save the tile in the

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