Route 66 news – buy a historic landmark!

Lurking on my favorite Route 66 group, I’ve found some interesting and fun news!

First, always wanting to encourage preservation, it appears the Historic Minnetonka Trading Post on Old Route 66 in Winslow Arizona, is up for sale again (this is the only picture I could find – is it correct? **Now that I look at the ad, I don’t think it is, if someone has a picture, can they send it to me?) – here’s all the info on Craigslist, but it’s a bargain at 95,000  but looks like it needs some definite work!  New roof and comes with a liquor license!  Sounds like a fabulous retirement opportunity for someone!

Also, congrats to the Route 66 fans in Kansas! According to Rout66 World, they’ve now gotten it designated as a Kansas Historic Byway!  go check out the post here (awesome blog by the way, if you’re a Route 66 fan!)

And if you’d like to help out the Route 66 effort, they’re raffling off a quilt – go check out the details here (it’s a nice quilt!).

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