Sadly, I'm small potatoes

I guess every blogger runs the risk of announcing something huge only to have it smacked away. About 6 months ago it looked like I was a slam dunk for an interview with Amy Wells about “Mad Men”. Sigh. Well, I think I’ve officially been blown off.

It was all lined up – except a date and time of course, and then I was pushed over to a publicity agency (not sure if I’m feeling grumpy enough to name them). They offered me “art” and said that Amy was just way too busy. So, sadly, I suppose important publications like Vanity Fair are now getting my interview.

In a way it’s a double edged sword because I’m over the moon that the show is huge and hip and probably that alone will make my mid-century numbers rise. And I can always go off pour myself a vodka gimlet and watch an episode. Ooo, I’ll go do that now. AND read the fabulous article in Vanity Fair. I guess I’m just a lowly blogger after all!

Oh, and if any of you folks run into Amy Wells, tell her I have a list of questions for her.

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