Summer begins!

And so have the projects around the house! We’re starting to make lists! Some are as simple (and unspectacular) as putting carpet in the kids bedrooms, but the big news is the back yard. We’re going to finish it all up! Woo hoo!

First, the patio, but we’ve decided to move our garden and put in a playhouse for the kids. Which leads me to playhouses….first, they’re all colonial. Second, they all are a bit too elaborate for my taste:

So, then there’s this one – more 50’s ish, but too rustic?

and this one – cute if you had a house like that, but complicated and a bit foofy for us:

So, help guys! Do you know any playhouse patterns that will go with a 50’s house out there?

Because the comments were deactivated, I got this post on my flickr page:

There is this book by Sunset called “Children’s Rooms and Play Yards” that looks like it could have what you are looking for. Here is the 1970 ed. on Populuxe:

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