Thanks for the info on my Pom Pom Junipers!

Thanks to Big Mall Rat (Scott) for his research on my bushes. Even after I gave him a hard time for cutting his down (I do understand hazards when you can’t see out of the driveway!). I’m just thrilled to know what they are.

However, I can’t answer the question about when they came into vogue. My 50’s landscaping bush, doesn’t have much about these….and I do think his theory is fairly good…that it was a 70’s thing. I have a 50’s landscaping book but they don’t show any junipers…but most of the photos seem to be shot in California, not in Colorado (where I am).

Not sure if that makes a difference. I know our neighborhood (which is bungalow and 50’s homes) are FULL of them, but were these “updates” in the 70’s? No idea? Anyone have an idea?

Oh, and in filling out my profile on houseblogs I realized I don’t have many good full pictures of our house, so I went out and took one today:

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