The iconic Charles Eames DAR Chair

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When you think of iconic furniture designers, for most people, one of the first names that will spring to mind is that of Charles Eames.

The American designer, born in 1907, was one of the 20th century’s most celebrated and revered designers of furniture and he was responsible for crafting some of the most recognisable and sought after pieces of designer furniture of his generation.

Charles Eames was responsible for countless pieces of designer furniture but he paid particularly close attention to affordable furniture design. One of the most iconic pieces of furniture that he designed with the intention of being affordable was the Charles DAR Chair which he created for a competition by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. The piece was certainly well received and it went on to become one of Eames’ most celebrated pieces of designer furniture.

The DAR Chair from Eames was designed alongside his wife, Ray, and their organic shape and highly functional design made them one of the most comfortable and striking pieces of furniture of their generation. Released over half a century ago in 1950, the design just goes to show that Eames was light years image004ahead of his time and it isn’t difficult to see why he was one of the driving forces behind the modernist movement in furniture design.

An extremely attractive and universal form of seating that is suitable for more or less any room in the home the DAR (which stands for ‘Dining Height Armchair’) Chair has become one of the cornerstones of Eames furniture design endeavours and the timeless appeal of the piece makes it just as relevant in interior design today as it was over fifty years ago when Eames first designed and released the piece onto the market.

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Leo Parker is an interior design and luxury lifestyle blogger who has a love for the iconic design styles of the likes of Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Eero Aarnio. He loves to write about all things interior design and he regularly writes on behalf of a number of design, luxury and men’s lifestyle websites and magazines.

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