The kitchen sink and the 7 trips to the hardware store!

Well, I’d love to say this “little fix it job” is over, but holy cow! Who knew!

We began with a little leak..the sink dripped…a lot! We figured it was time to change all of the washers (that happens after 6 years…they need a little fixing). So, we went to the hardware store and got washers. The WRONG washers. Then I went back and got the wrong ones again! So, after one more trip I got a third set (amazingly more expensive than both other sets put together). So, we put those in….lovely. But there was still a leak at the base of the faucet unit. So, we figured maybe the “O-ring” in the center. Again, 3 trips to the hardware store to get the right one.

Well, we get it installed and NOW the sink is leaking more than ever…literally pouring out the base. NO IDEA! We’re both fairly clever people…I’ve replaced 4 toilets in my life….I consider myself fairly good with plumbing. We had the original installation guide, we’d been on the net…both to “do it yourself” sites and to the manufacturer’s site. There just aren’t that many parts in a sink to go wrong.
The offending sink
Finally, we got the idea to put the whole thing together without the top plate so we could maybe track down the exact location of the leak (not just have it spurt all out around the plate) and here’s what we found:
The break!

So, our new solution is to fix it with plumbers putty. We just don’t have the money or the desire to replace the whole thing right now. So, wish us luck and I hope it’s fixed for at least a couple of months! 🙂

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