Tiki hotel – gotta love Pam

Pam at Retro Renovation is here!  Thanks for one of the funniest click throughs I’ve had in a while! Oh, and I can’t WAIT for the photos (or the review – remember to email me details Pam, I’m collecting mid century motels!)

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Mad Men style – clothing unfortunately

If you love Mad Men, you will love TLO’s (Project Rungay blog) posts on the Mad Men episodes and the styles that all the female characters wear. They do a fantastic job and I’d love to dissect the interiors as well, but feel a bit lacking in knowledge (but I’m still working on it).  So, if you haven’t checked it out – do! It’s a long series, so go back and read from the beginning

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Preserving the iconic gas station in your area

There is almost nothing as iconic as the Mid-Century Gas station. Once placed obviously along the road to attract weary travelers and to feed the gas to move along the road, now quite a few of the most wonderful architecturally stand empty and deserted. This particular gas station in my area got me thinking about preservation of these great structures! This former Phillips 66 gas station, displays the quintessential stylized box design. Its space age

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Retro Roadtrip: Silver Saddle Motel in Manitou Springs

Our second night in Manitou Springs we decided to try another mid-century motel – and we were lucky to stumble on the Silver Saddle Motel – locally owned by Artur Bryja and Brittany Kelly, we found the staff very friendly, the rooms andd facitilies clean and it was pet friendly! Although our room didn’t have one, they offer in-room Jacuzzi tubs and a cute  heated outdoor pool.  They offer non-smoking only double and single bed

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