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So, have you heard about Houseblogs? If you blog about your house (or house related stuff) are you on there?

I hadn’t updated my account since I redid the site and converted it ALL to a WordPress blog – so I went in today and updated my info.

Want to know the REALLY sad part? Our “to-do” list on the house is the SAME (I’m not sure you can access my list, but you can put up your own)!  Ugh! Can you believe it?

Playhouse (0%)
Upstairs main bath – gut and remodel (0%)
Paint basement (50%)
repainting the living room (0%)
Staircase refinished (0%)
Carpet kids rooms (0%)
Backyard Patio (100%)

Seriously, how sad is that. Plus (as we bought a new window to install our swamp cooler we’ve had for 3 years) we were commenting that our garage is now a graveyard (no, that seems like it’s dead) “a storage room” of items for all our “fix-it” projects!

We have in there:

All the materials to do our bathroom (except the vanity – that’s another story) – so tile (wall and floor), the  sink, cabinet and some other stuff,

The swamp cooler air conditioner and now the window that has to go in before it does

Ok, that doesn’t seem AS awful when I type it, but frankly it’s a ton of stuff. Except I also have a pile of stuff to go on Craigslist to get rid of too!

Today summer begins (the last day of school for the kids ) and I SWEAR we’re going to finish some of this stuff – if it kills us! AND IT MAY!

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